Hekkelman Programmatuur

You've reached the website of the company formerly known as Hekkelman Programmatuur. This site is here to inform you about former activities and perhaps some new ones. But please note, the company itself no longer exists.


A new Windows version of salt was released.

The site for Hekkelman Instrumentenbouw can be found at http://www.hekkelman.net/.

I've moved the source code repository for libzeep to github, you can find it at github.com/mhekkel/libzeep. I've also put the documentation for libzeep on this site, you can find that at www.hekkelman.com/libzeep-doc.

Salt SSH Terminal

Salt is a terminal emulator using the SSH protocol. The newest release brings you 256 colour and mouse support, there's also full xterm compatibility and goodies like proxied connections and tunneling. See the Salt page for more information.

Key Locker

Windows Phone is a refreshing OS, a complete new way of interacting with software and very well thought out. I broke with my tradition of writing a new text editor to learn programming for a new OS. A text editor on a phone is not very useful. But a keychain like application to store passwords and other sensitive data was what I needed and I decided to write my own. The result is Key Locker.

For batch import and export of passwords into/out of Key Locker I developed a tool. Please send me an e-mail to request for details.

Software design

Designing software can be considered as an art. In fact, a recent scientific study revealed that experienced programmers have the same feelings for good quality code as one can have for works of art like poetry. I recognise that feeling, I love art and can enjoy good code.

You can find a few of my products here. Some of them are open source, others commercial. The most interesting open source projects I've been working on recently are MRS and libzeep, but there are quite a few others. See the projects page for more information.

For historical reasons (and since I see a lot of people are still actively searching for it) I've included a couple of pages that describe the former products developed by Hekkelman Programmatuur: Pepper, Pe and Sum-It.