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I've developped a full text retrieval system with a web based front-end and SOAP access. This projects started as a couple of CGI scripts but is now a fully self contained piece of software. For this I needed a SOAP library and after trying out a couple, I decided to roll my own.

And so libzeep started life as a library for exporting a C++ server object as a SOAP service. Since it uses XML so extensively, I added a full XML parser. And then an XPath 1.0 implementation. The latest addition was code to create dynamic web pages inspired by JSP and frameworks like Struts on Java.

With libzeep it is now very easy to create a web server with form that expose some functionality and then add a SOAP and REST interface to this as well with just a few lines of code. See http://mrs.cmbi.ru.nl/hsspsoap/ as an example.

The source code for libzeep can be found at http://libzeep.sourceforget.net/.

Documentation for the current version of libzeep can be found at http://www.hekkelman.com/libzeep-doc/