Hekkelman Programmatuur


Salt is a terminal emulator. It is based on a custom SSH implementation that can use the Microsoft CryptoAPI to communicate with smart cards and other security tokens. The design goal was to have a pleasant looking and easy to use terminal emulator, one that's a joy to use daily. That means it had to be fast, stable, secure and robust.

The current incarnation of Salt is almost fully xterm compatible. The only missing feature is mouse support. I've also added most of the control sequences recognized by the DEC VT420 terminal. Other additions are the ability to set up tunnels and proxied connections.

Version 3.3.1 brings a full HTTP proxy implementation and in version 3.4.1 all the proxy/portforwarding code was rewritten and improved. SOCKS4 now works too.

All updates since 3.4.1 contain improvements of the HTTP proxy code.

Version 3.4.12 brings 256 colour and mouse support.

Salt comes as a portable application, that means you do not need an installer to use it. If you launch it in a directory containing a file called salt.cfg it will store its settings in this file and not in the local AppData directories.

Technical specifications

Salt is written in C++ and uses Boost, Crypto++ and libzeep.