Hekkelman Programmatuur

Current Software


The newest addition to my portfolio is Salt. It is a Terminal Emulator with a home grown SSH implementation based on Crypto++ and Boost ASIO. Currently only available for Windows 7.


Japi is a new editor I'm developping. I've used it myself for a couple of years now, but never found the time to make a full release out of it.

Older Software

Other software I've developed is no longer available but is mentioned here since I can see from the logs that there's still quite some interest.


The flagship application of Hekkelman Programmatuur was Pepper. It was a text editor that ran on MacOS, MacOS X, Gtk and Windows. The MacOS X version was in fact the first commercial application available for that OS.


Before Pepper there was Pe, a text editor for BeOS


The first commercial application by Hekkelman Programmatuur was Sum-It. First for MacOS, later for BeOS.