Hekkelman Programmatuur


The first shareware application I ever wrote was Sum•It, later renamed to Sum-It, that must have been around 1994. It was originally written for MacOS 6, later versions required MacOS 7. Since I see a lot of hits on this page from people looking for Classic Mac software I've made the original Sum•It available for download again.

Then in 1995, after I bought my first BeBox, I ported Sum-It to BeOS. Again, it was one of the first commercial applications available for that OS. I even won a BeOS Master Award with it. Later is was bundled with BeatWrite from BeatWare. Eventually, the source was released, it is now on sourceforge I believe.

I started working on a third version of Sum-It and it looked very promissing, but I never finished it.

The original Sum•It application can be downloaded from the download page. The fact that you can download it does not mean I still support it.